Do It Yourself Photo Booth

Anyone who has researched photo booths knows just how expensive they can be.  Couples have started getting creative and making their own photo booths and my favorite are these photo booth walls.  They often have photos of other family members on their wedding day with cut-outs for your guests to create their own photograph.

These photo booth walls can be easily constructed by cutting out openings in a large piece of plywood, covering the surface with fabric or wall paper and then adding vintage, funky, colorful frames.

Don’t forget to be mindful that people will be standing behind this wall so the cut-outs need to be at standing height for an average adult (and maybe a low one for little ones!).  You also need to keep in mind that you don’t want to see someone’s body or legs so below each cut-out should be a solid surface.

Another thing I suggest is to have props for your guests to hold or wear to make the pictures even more fun.  Masks, hats, feather boas, etc are all fun things the guests can use to embellish their photo.

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  1. Missy

    I wish we had done this at our wedding. Friends of ours did something very similiar to the 2nd example you’ve posted– they had all kinds of mustaches, silly masks, etc. on sticks for people to choose from. The thing I loved best though were the black thought bubbles that you could write on with chalk and hold over someone’s head (or your own). Let’s just say as the night wore on, and the bar stayed open, some of the thoughts definitely became more… interesting.

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