Paper Pennant Banner

For an upcoming bridal show I decided I wanted a banner displaying my name that was different and more creative than the basic vinyl banners.  I came up with the idea of creating a paper pennant banner with each pennant displaying a letter of my company’s name. Here are the step by step instructions on how I made it with pictures (sorry for the poor quality on the photos…I was using my iphone):


-Colorful, patterned cardstock (not paper)

-Coordinating solid color cardstock

-Decorative edge scissors, regular scissors and decorative edge punch


-Hole Punch

-Foam sticky dots


-Hole reinforcers


-Stencils (or you can print letters from MS Word and cut out)

-Misc Embelishments (to make the accordian fold medallions I followed this video:

So I started off by making a trip to Michael’s to get all my supplies.  Here is the paper I chose:

And some of the supplies I picked up:

And here are the paper accordian fold medallions I made:

The first step was to measure and cut out all the pennants, the circles, the decorative edge and the letters.  I chose to cut out a background pennant that was 9 inches at the top and 12 inches long.  For that I used regular scissors.  Then I cut out a smaller pennant that was 8 inches at the top and 11 inches long.  For that top pennant I used the decorative edge scissors.  I then found things around my house that were circles I could trace in two different sizes.  I cut out larger circles from the leftover printed cardstock and then smaller circles out of a pearly white cardstock.


For the letters I went into MS Word and wrote out the letters, picked a bold font, changed the font size to 400 and then printed those out on regular paper. I then taped that printout on top of a solid piece of cardstock and cut it out.

Lastly I used a decorative edge punch to cut out a border to go at the top of each pennant.

Once everything was cut out (which took me 2 days!) I started to assemble.  I used some foam sticky dots because I wanted to create depth to the pennants.  First I attached the smaller pennant to the larger.

I then attached the larger circle on the patterned cardstock.

I then attached the letter and the border at the top and voila! The pennant was finished (and I only had 28 more to do!)

Once I finished assembling all the pennants I attached them together with decorative ribbons.  I first punched holes with a hold puncher.  Then I attached hole reinforcers around the front and back of each hole.  I tied a bow with a piece of ribbon and then attached each end that was hanging down from the ribbon to a pennant.

Then I made some loops on the ends, attached a few last minute embellishments and finally it was done!


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