Real Weddings: Nina & Eric September 22, 2012

Nina and Eric were married last September at Westminster Presbyterian Church with the reception following at The Firehouse in Old Town Sacramento.  The flowers were done by the bride’s mother Liz, and Kathy, a family friend, made the gorgeous cake. Hana Kim and Shana Beals helped make the bride stunning.  Many thanks so Sarah Dawson for these amazing pictures capturing their special day!

newedd-012 (900x600)

newedd-027 (600x900)

newedd-029 (900x600)

newedd-030 (900x600)

newedd-031 (900x600)

newedd-032 (900x600)

newedd-037 (900x600)

newedd-045 (600x900)

newedd-046 (600x900)

newedd-071 (900x600)

newedd-099 (600x900)

newedd-116 (600x900)

newedd-138 (600x900)

newedd-148 (900x600)

newedd-162 (600x900)

newedd-174 (900x600)

newedd-175 (900x600)

newedd-178 (900x600)

newedd-182 (900x600)

newedd-186 (900x600)

newedd-196 (600x900)

newedd-209 (600x900)

newedd-216 (900x600)

newedd-220 (900x600)

newedd-247 (900x600)

newedd-254 (900x600)

newedd-258 (900x600) newedd-260 (900x600)

newedd-261 (900x600)

newedd-264 (900x600) newedd-279 (900x600)

newedd-301 (900x600)

newedd-312 (900x600)

newedd-322 (900x600)

newedd-335 (900x600)

newedd-344 (900x600)

newedd-350 (900x600)

newedd-396 (900x600)

newedd-402 (900x600)

newedd-435 (900x600)

newedd-438 (900x600)

newedd-439 (900x600)

newedd-444 (900x600)

newedd-445 (900x600)

newedd-448 (900x600)

newedd-449 (900x600)

newedd-451 (600x900)

newedd-456 (600x900)

newedd-467 (900x600)

newedd-470 (600x900)

newedd-471 (900x600)

newedd-477 (600x900)

newedd-483 (900x600)

newedd-487 (900x600)

newedd-499 (600x900)

newedd-501 (900x600)

newedd-502 (600x900)

newedd-503 (900x600)

newedd-504 (900x600)

newedd-505 (600x900)

newedd-509 (600x900)

newedd-511 (600x900)

newedd-512 (900x600)

newedd-513 (900x600)

newedd-514 (600x900)

newedd-515 (900x600)

newedd-517 (600x900) newedd-518 (900x600)

newedd-519 (900x600)

newedd-520 (900x600)

newedd-522 (900x600)

newedd-524 (900x600)

newedd-539 (900x600)

newedd-550 (900x600)

newedd-551 (900x600)

newedd-553 (600x900)

newedd-561 (900x600)

newedd-571 (600x900)

newedd-572 (900x600)

newedd-592 (900x600)

newedd-599 (900x600)

newedd-640 (900x600)

newedd-655 (600x900)

newedd-692 (900x600)


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