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Real Weddings: Stephanie & Matt July 21, 2012

 I LOVE all the details at Stephanie and Matt’s wedding last July. From the Disneyland Fastpass escort cards and ride table numbers to the library themed guest book table and classic games gift table. Many thanks to Woodbridge Florist for the personal flowers and Papapavlos for the scrumptious food. Celebrations provided all the rentals and Speciality Cakes made the gorgeous cake while Elite Entertainment kept the party going all night! Julie Nicole captured the whole evening on film and friends provided all the rest (other florals, photobooth, venue, and misc. decor).

0050_jnp53671 (599x900) 0053_jnp53676 (900x599)

0080_jnp52384 (900x599) 0086_jnp52393 (599x900) 0087_jnp52394 (900x599) 0093_jnp52406 (599x900) 0120_jnp52471 (900x599) 0137_jnp53884 (599x900)

0172_jnp53986 (900x599) 0174_jnp54022 (900x599) 0193_jnp54105 (900x599) 0212_jnp54154 (900x599) 0226_jnp53008 (601x900) 0236__mg_3822 (900x600) 0238_jnp53027 (601x900) 0243_jnp53736 (599x900) 0265_jnp53764 (900x599) 0296_jnp54188 (900x599) 0297_jnp54190 (900x599) 0301_jnp54200 (599x900) 0326_jnp54221 (900x599) 0336__mg_3937 (900x600) 0338_jnp53200 (599x900) 0346_jnp53223 (599x900) 0352_jnp54250 (599x900) 0359_jnp53241 (599x900) 0374_jnp53255 (599x900) 0403_jnp54302 (900x599) 0411_jnp53110 (601x900) 0421_jnp53311 (900x599) 0430_jnp53339 (599x900) 0434_jnp53357 (599x900) 0437_jnp54315 (900x599) 0456__mg_4081 (600x900) 0494_jnp54467 (900x599) 0495_jnp54469 (599x900) 0507_jnp54480 (900x599) 0516_jnp54508 (900x599)

0520_jnp54535 (900x599)

0531_jnp54551 (900x599)

0586_jnp54860 (900x599)

0597_jnp54885 (599x900)

0652_jnp53994 (900x599)

0653__mg_3865 (600x900)

0655_jnp53997 (900x599)

0656__mg_3866 (600x900)

0657_jnp53999 (900x599)

0658_jnp54002 (599x900)

0660__mg_3869 (900x600)

0662_jnp54004 (900x599)

0664__mg_3872 (900x600)

0665_jnp54009 (599x900)

0666_jnp53810 (900x599)

0672_jnp54017 (900x599)

0673__mg_1952 (600x900)

0674__mg_1955 (900x600)

0675__mg_1956 (900x600)

0677__mg_1958 (900x600)

0678_jnp53813 (599x900)

0679__mg_1964 (600x900)

0682__mg_1971 (600x900)

0685__mg_3882 (600x900)

0688__mg_1976 (600x900)

0690_jnp54058 (599x900)

0695_jnp53822 (900x599)

0696_jnp54065 (599x900)

0699_jnp54069 (900x599)

0701_jnp54072 (900x599)

0704__mg_3888 (900x600)

0705_jnp54077 (900x599)

0706_jnp53825 (900x599)

0707_jnp54081 (599x900)

0708__mg_3890 (900x600)

0709_jnp54083 (900x599)

0710_jnp54085 (900x599)

0730__mg_3924 (600x900)

0758__mg_4042 (900x600)

0759_jnp54681 (900x599)

0844_jnp54851 (599x900) 0845_jnp54853 (599x900) 0841_jnp54848 (599x900) 0838_jnp54845 (599x900) 0824_jnp54819 (599x900) 0822_jnp54817 (599x900) 0821_jnp54816 (599x900) 0820_jnp54815 (599x900)

0849_jnp53127 (900x601)

0855__mg_4063 (600x900)

0858__mg_4069 (600x900)

0860__mg_4074 (600x900)

0939_jnp53154 (900x599)

0964_jnp52783 (599x900)

0975_jnp52825 (900x599)

0990__mg_4146 (900x600)

1025_img_4179 (900x600)

1077_jnp52714 (900x599)

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